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Server rules[VERY IMPORTANT]

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Server rules[VERY IMPORTANT]

Post by Nick on Sun May 31, 2015 9:31 am

Rules for Server.

1.Do NOT insult other players.
2.No rulebreaking, using cheats/hacks or other mods that give you more advantages to other players are strictly forbidden here.
3.Do NOT use 2shot/cbug/rocket/flamer in red zone.
4.Do NOT impersonate others.
5.Respect to everyone.
6.Do not ask to be an Admin.(If we think you are good enough we will ask you to join us.)
7.No Quit Jokes.
8.Do not use any commands to avoid death.
9.Do not spam ingame or in the forums.

If you break any of this rules, you will get punished or maybe BANNED.

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